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Image by Aldebaran S

This Weird & Wonderful Existence

Our story

We are a community for anyone who wants to Embrace their Weirdness! Our passion for exploring the unconventional, supporting each other, and inspiring others to cherish their authentic selves led us to create this platform.

Our founder, Skye, is a creative and adventurous soul who enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests, such as animals, art, video games, comics, crafts, technology, and more. 

We've created this space where we can all grow our ideas and creative pursuits together, hang out and have fun, learn, grow, and find new friends along the way!

We are a growing community of creatives, artists, musicians, developers, gamers, streamers, and more! Come share your hobbies and favorite interests!

Please join us as we embark on this enchanting adventure of life together :) 

Welcome to our extraordinary community – we can't wait to see what magic unfolds!

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