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Welcome to This Weird & Wonderful Existence - an eccentric gathering of kindred spirits and bold adventurers. Step into a vibrant hub where creators, dreamers, gamers, musicians, artists, streamers, and freelancers can connect with others who want to Embrace the Weirdness and have fun!


We have spaces dedicated to Creativity, Spirituality, and more for those who have alternative hobbies or interests they want to explore with others. 

You can find our blog posts below, various weird & peculiar items from our shop, chill with our Twitch Streamer Friends Weekly, visit our Creator Friends who also offer their own products and services, our community and forums, and more!

Take a look around and feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions or have any requests for blog topics or store items you'd like to see! :)

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Latest Articles & Posts

Keep it Weird & Wonderful with our latest posts, articles, art, and more!
Embrace the Eccentric and join us for a daily dose of all things Weird
& Wonderful!

This is my big Weird Collection is special interests, photos, videos, art, stories and thoughts, and some of my favorite things.

Please enjoy them with me and share your own stories, photos, videos, and interests with This Weird & Wonderful Community here :)

Embrace the Weirdness!

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