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  1. Please be nice and respectful to other viewers.
  2. No personal questions/comments.
  3. No racial or cultural slurs/comments.
  4. No self-promotion or promotion of any kind.
  5. No backseating, let us figure it out ourselves or suffer in misery unless we ask for help.

-Use !gif (serach term)
-配信中に例えば【!gif Hello】と打ち込むと、HelloのGifが表示されます。むと、HelloのGifが表示されます。

  • Use【 !chatgpt 】 for some fun!

  • 配信中に【!chatgpt 自分の知りたい事】を打ち込むと、チャット欄にAIが答えてくれます。この機能を楽しんでください。


  • Stream has been live since

  • ストリーム経過時間の表示


  • フォロー歴の表示


  • 視聴だけしているねって知らせる時

!youtried (or おしい without !)

  • 頑張ったけどダメだった時に

!letsgo or (let's go/let's goo/let's gooo without !)

  • On-screen "Let's Go"

  • スクリーンに"Let's Go"を表示

!888 or (8888 without !)

  • On-screen applause

  • スクリーンに"拍手"を表示

!epic or (epic without !)

  • On-screen "EPIC"

  • スクリーンに"EPIC"を表示

!bigbrain or (bigbrain without !)

  • On-screen thinking hard and out

  • スクリーンに"BigBrain"を表示

!www or (wwww without !)

  • wwwwwwwwwwwww

  • スクリーンに"笑い"を表示

!catjam or (catjam without !)

  • スクリーンに猫のリズムを表示

!rockon or ( \m/ without !)

  • スクリーンにロックンロールを表示


  • Clip 30 seconds of the live stream and share it on the 3noku2 discord server!

  • 30秒間のクリップを三ノ国のDiscordチャンネルに送ります!


  • Link to our discord server, come help us build an amazing community!

  • Discordのリンクを表示します。一緒に素敵なコミュニティを作ろう!

☆Rhythm games
☆VR Games

*Schedules are subject to change.
*Andy streams mainly in the afternoon on Friday

☆Minecraft (server)
☆Enshrouded (server)
☆Core Keeper (server)
☆PALWORLD (server)
☆Spin Rhythm XD

*Juno streams mainly in the afternoon
*Schedules are subject to change


To request a song, select "song request" from the Channel Points menu. When prompted, please enter the artist's name, followed by the song title.

Other commands:

  • !playlist

  • !currentsong

  • !nextsong



Rocksmith Song Request
Usage: !request (artist) - (song)

Displays your top-most request on the playlist

  • Usage: !pos

Displays a link to the full requested song playlist

  • Usage: !playlist

Edits your top-most request on the playlist

  • Usage: !edit (artist) - (song)

Displays the current setlist

  • Usage: !setlist


  • 100 bits - Experience the magic of a bubble & lights show + 1 VIP Token


  • Subscription includes a bubble & lights show + 3 VIP Tokens (Resubs at 4 VIP Tokens)

Other Commands:

  • headbang

  • headbangg

  • headbanggg

  • dance

  • dancee

  • !jamming

  • !chiaki

  • !aqua

Just a casual musician who wants to enjoy music and have a good laugh with everyone on the stream!

  • !musicnotes

  • !Yukopi

  • !dancing

  • !mcgroove

  • !bm1

  • !bm2

  • !bm3

  • !gal1

  • !gal2

  • !yoru1

  • !zuto1

  • !zuto2

  • !gif (search term)


Welcome to the 3noku2 Channel, where Andy and Juno, the two of us, stream on this channel.

We speak a mixture of English and Japanese, but please feel free to comment in English/Japanese or any native language! We have a chat translator to help with the translation! First-time viewers and those just watching are also welcome!


Andy mainly streams music-related and VR content, while Juno mainly streams games. We aim to create a comfortable community where you can hang out at home with friends while listening to music! Whether you're new here or simply watching, let's make some great memories! Apart from streaming, we also have occasional VRChat and movie events on weekends on our Discord server. Let's play with friends from all over the world together!


三ノ国チャンネルへようこそ!AndyJuno、2人で配信しています。 英語と日本語が混在していますが、英語/日本語、または母国語でお気軽にコメントください!チャットの翻訳者が翻訳をお手伝いします!初見の方や見ているだけの方も大歓迎です! アンディは主に音楽やVRを、ジュノは主にゲームを配信しています。 音楽を聴きながら友達と家でまったりしているような、居心地の良いコミュニティを目指しています!一緒に素敵な思い出が作れたら嬉しいです! 配信以外にも、DiscordサーバーでVRChatや映画のイベントも不定期で行っています。一緒に世界中の友達と遊ぼう!

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